Ideal for small craft stored in fresh or salt water with fluctuations between zero and four feet during boating season. Providing the same high performance for your PWC that the SunLiftTM provides for your boat, the SunLift MiniTM utilizes high-speed hydraulics to launch and lift your PWC in seconds. The solar charging option gives you an automated lift even without dock power and the DualMini SunLiftTM bundle enables two PWCs to be lifted and launched using a single PowerPack.

Durable Construction
  • Underwater-designed hydraulics plus stainless rams and hose fittings for fresh or salt water
  • Waterproof remote control box
  • Patented SuperBunks™ are better for your hull and more durable
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum structure with stainless steel hardware
  • Decorative and durable lockable fiberglass PowerPack box
Designed For Easy Use
  • Remote Control – easy up / down operation
  • Optional Wi-Fi Tech Package
  • Fast and quiet
  • Water-resistant transmitters, and advanced remote control technology
  • Patented Shallow-water roller kit requires least amount of water depth
  • Solar or AC charged
  • Patented Over-center GravityLock™ safety designed to keep boat up
  • Environmentally-friendly, water-soluble hydraulic fluid
  • Industry leading 3 year warranty on components as well as structure
  • Wi-Fi Tech Package Smartphone App
  • Canopies – protection from sun and debris
  • Guide-ons – easier and safer docking
  • Bow Stop – easier and safer docking
  • Load Guides – lateral guidance
  • Motorstop – positioning fore and aft
  • Catwalk – access to boat
  • Shallow Water Rollers – use in shallow water
  • Powerpack Shelf – mounting of powerpack
  • Lights – underwater, canopy or powerpack lighting
  • Seasonal Wheel Kit