Sale! 2016 ERGO-K
2016 ERGO-K

Sewn from the same legendary fitting pattern as the Ergo-K, The “A” is merely a materials exchange. With a more pliable Amara palm, using a single layer of microfiber with included neoprene finger stretch zones has reduced the back hand stretch. The palm sewing is triple stitched for a flatter grippier palm. The style is up to you with convertible fingertips.

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Sale! 2015 VAPOR BOA

“Dude! This glove is amazing!” That's what most people say right after shredding in the Vapor Boa. Think about it. How could a glove even compete with a Boa closure to dial in your fit? Webbing will never pull as evenly as our lace system. Period. Our new SharkSkin back of hand material has added even more technical performance. It limits stretch without losing the comfort of neoprene. That means no sagging and no change in the fit of your glove over time. It's exclusive to Vapor Boa! Aramid palm material contributes flexibility and max grip. Get on the Vapor Boa train. If you're serious about skiing, you'll do it.


Boa lacing technology

Double gauge thread

Aramid palm

Neoprene stretch zone

Pre-curved fingers


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Sale! 2016 BLISS
2016 BLISS

Ladies rejoice! The bliss is built for your hand size and shape. The conforming double-layered Amara palm material will save blisters and the back-of-hand closure opens wide for effortless entry. Plus, you’ll look good doing it. If long, bedazzled manicures (you dial your phone with a knuckle) are your thing, then cut the fingertips off and let your digits breathe. Just ski in ‘em. You’ll be happy you do.

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T.R.A. Glove
 We put as much effort into these gloves as we did for our pro models!. The TRA glove is for the future of the sport, made with a pattern specific to a smaller hand, with double padded palm and pre-curved fingers. The convertible fingers make these gloves arrive as full fingered but easily transformed into fingerless for those growing digits. Our future World Champions approve this fit, yours will too.
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Sale! 2016 THEORY not rated €24.99 €22.49 Product Enquiry